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Saxophone Driven Guitar Grooves Over Funky Chill Beats

Mettaphor are contemporary national & international touring artists playing Nu Jazz – a soulful lyrical experience fusing genres.

Angelika Heinrich on saxophones & Kaeleen Hunter on guitars

‘It’s never the same….sax players are like that‘ tho’ they always provide some lyrical food for thought accompanied by music to move & soothe or funk it up whenever needed.

Mettaphor are the directors of their musical sound the inspiration to change, grow & reinvent is the only constant & its in their studio cocoon where they vision the sonic playground for their live shows condensing the ‘backline’ to the touring size of a laptop full of creativity = by far the tightest band they have EVER had…….(and the most well behaved)

It’s all about sharing the luv & the groove…

Inspired by the funk of Maceo Parker, the smooth of St Germain the sublime Joss Stone or the very hip Prince. Mettaphor remain a whole lot like themselves.


Mettaphor…still passionate about their music

‘The one thing that’s never wavered throughout their collaboration Is Hunter and Heinrich’s solid belief in original music and the power of that music to connect people. Mettaphor play festivals, gatherings, marketplaces, nightclubs and cafes at a pace that would make most of us swoon. As well as this amazing gig schedule in Australia they have toured extensively in the United States and New Zealand and in a visit to Europe during 2010 they were delighted by the number of aspiring female musicians who went crazy for their funky style.’

Tracy Barnes (freelance writer specialising in Arts)

NT NEWS – Entertainment

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